Asteroids – This project aims to teach you the basics of Unity and C# by showing you how to make the classic game asteroids.

This tutorial series is aimed at complete beginners.

Code will be provided on Paste Bin (coming soon)


Asteroids – Introduction to Unity (optional)

Asteroids – Introduction to Scripts (optional)


Asteroids – Variables (C#)

Asteroids – Adding a GameObject (Unity)

Asteroids – Public and Private (C#)

Asteroids – Importing a Model (Unity)

Asteroids – Parent and Child Objects (Unity)

Asteroids – Functions/Methods (C#)

Asteroids – If/Else Statements (C#)

Asteroids – Inputs (Unity)

Asteroids – Moving an Object with Inputs (Unity & C#)

Asteroids – Rotating an Object with Inputs (Unity & C#)

Asteroids – Prefabs (Unity)

Asteroids – Instantiating Objects (Unity & C#) – Coming Soon

Asteroids – RigidBodies – Coming Soon