The aim of this project is to produce a working basic 4X space game. Features will include:

  • Randomly generated galaxies with unique solar systems.
  • A basic UI and user controls.
  • Some predifined races with unique traits and play styles.
  • A customisation system for the races.
  • Random events.
  • A basic AI

More features could be added later depending on demand.

All Code for Each part can be found here (Paste Bin)

Or Downloaded at the bottom of each tutorial.

All the Project files can be found on GitHub

Galaxy and Solar System Creation

Part 1 Creating the Galaxy!

Part 2 Making the Stars Unique

Part 3 Setting Up Solar Systems

Part 4 Seeding the Galaxy

Part 5 Viewing Solar Systems

Tidy Up – Between Part 5 and 6

Part 6 Resetting the Galaxy

Camera Control

Part 7 Camera Control

Part 8 Camera Control 2

Part 9 Camera Control 3

Making Things Look Better

Part 10 Orbits 

Part 11 Star Selection Icon

Adding Spiral Galaxies

Part 12 Spiral Galaxies

Part 13 Spiral Galaxies 2

Part 14 Spiral Galaxies 3

Naming Stuff

Part 15 Naming the Stars

Part 16 Naming the Stars 2


Part 17 Building Ships

Part 18 Building Ships 2

Part 19 Building Ships 3

Bug Fix and Efficiency Saving

Part 20 Improving Efficiency


Part 21 Resources

Star Bases

Part 22 Star Bases 1

Part 23 Star Bases 2

Part 24 Star Bases 3

Part 25 Star Bases 4

Turn System

Part 26 Turn System 1 – Coming Soon